Monday, June 20, 2011

Real Men of BAMFness: Damian Lopez Alfonso

With only the tips of his elbows touching his bicycle’s upturned handlebars, Damian Lopez Alfonso pedaled along the Hudson River bike path on a cool March day. His balancing act elicited stares from disbelieving pedestrians and curious double-takes from fellow cyclists.

Because not only does Mr. Alfonso ride his bike without forearms, lost in a devastating childhood accident, but he also rides it very, very fast.
- The Ledger. "The Long Hard Road of Damian Lopez Alfonso."

After losing both forearms and suffering numerous other devastating injuries at the age of 13 when he went to rescue a friend's kite that had been caught in powerlines, Damian Lopez Alfonso of Cuba taught himself to ride anyway. Now working with a special prosthetics manufacturer, Damian has his eyes set on making the 2012 and 2016 Paralympic Games. A stunning story of the power of will and spirit.

DLA, you are a BAMF.

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