Monday, December 01, 2008

Best Week Ever Pictorial

Thank you to Brent Curry, Clarke Rodgers @, Kerry Yndestad @, and Joel Filliol for the photos.


khai said...

Damn, bro - you look so freakin' BAD ASS on that bike! Did the champagne taste as sweet the 2nd time around? Just wait - the best is yet to come!

Love the pics of you and Jill as well - that's what I was expecting to see based on the blog title (pictures are loading s-l-o-w on my temporary "borrowed" internet connexion).

Of course, the real question now is: Will you leave Vic and base out of Ptown? It's not like you won't see your coach anyway... :p

Liam O'Connell said...

congrats again.

how the hell did you get your hands on the specialized aero helmet?

xander said...

Long time no see! Can I assume from the pics you guys are getting hitched? Congrats!

rappstar said...

@xander Great to hear from you. Cal Rogers sent me a message as well. The old P'ton crew. Are you still there? I've got a contact form on the blog as well if you want to shoot me an email.