Friday, January 11, 2008

Fun In The Sun: Tucson 2008 - Part 1


Sun = good.

"Steady. Solid. Strong. Give-it-a-go. Start-fast-and-build."

Welcome to Mt. Lemmon

Joel shows Simon who runs the show.

Super secret Olympic training.

5km... Bank It!

Jones wanted another one so he could flex

Yes, we are professionals...

Tich is happy to be done.

We see a LOT of this...

The Pool... It's EARLY.

Simon in the new CR-V. I have envy...

Jenkins is fired up to swim

Dr. Jones!

Dano approves this message


Blake Becker said...

Miss y on Team Timex! Hope to run into you in AZ or at the races! ~BB

Herbert said...

You guys have fun training out there. Maybe I can join you next year.